Motivated by life and mutual interactions, obsessed with details and a perfectionist.

I consider myself as much a fashion photographer as i am a retouch artist. Indeed the two go very much hand- in-hand.

As well as working on my own projects, i offer Photoshop workshops, classes and private lessons which aim to assist keen photographers develop their own skills.

Graphic-Works-FIRINGraphic Works / FIRIN
Graphic-Works-MISKGraphic Works / MISK
Graphic-works-ABRA-DESIGNGraphic Works / ABRA DESIGN
Graphic-Works-BEGUMGraphic Works / BEGUM
Graphic-works-CANTO-21Graphic Works / CANTO 21
Graphic-Works-NENUPHARGraphic Works / NENUPHAR
Graphic-Works-REASONGraphic Works / REASON
Graphic-Works-ROOTSGraphic Works / ROOTS
emiliano-zapata-adrien-brodyEmiliano Zapata / Adrien Brody 2014
Zapata-LeatherZapata Leather
vesutti-exclussiveVesutti 2014
Portraits-and-BeautyPortraits and Beauty
Retouching-Works-3Retouching Works3
Retouching-Works-1Retouching Works 1
Retouching-Works-2Retouching Works 2
Retouching-Works-4Retouching Works4
Graphic-WorksCUP-OF-JOYGraphic Works / CUP OF JOY
Covers-etcCovers etc
Graphic-Works-MELEZGraphic Works / MELEZ
album-coversalbum covers
Look-Book-1Look Book 1
Deriva-2014Deriva 2014
vesutti-exclussive-2014VIDEOS-ART DIRECTION
Graphic-Works-BAFETTOGraphic Works / BAFETTO
Freestyle-1Freestyle 1